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Tuesday, December 6

First Memories (Podcast #5)

Show Notes:

First Memories

What is your first memory? Can you remember when you were two years old? What about your first day at school?.

In this podcast, some of my Monday Junior 4 students share some of their first memories(2:14min / 2.1MB)

Sunday, November 27

Accidents (Podcast 4:Junior)

Show Notes:


We all have accidents from time to time. Here, my Saturday Junior4 class share some of their accident stories.(7:15min / 6.6MB)


Butterflies by Dan Holt

Tuesday, November 1

Ghost Stories (Podcasts #3a &b : Junior)

Show Notes:

The Haunted House

Here are two versions of the same ghost story, especially for Halloween. The story was written by Laura and Ricardo of my Junior 4 class.

Laura storytelling with Ricardo doing special effects (2.08MB, 2:16 Minutes)

Ricardo storytelling with Laura doing special effects(1.93MB, 2:06 Minutes)

Monday, October 31

Are you a Witch? (Podcast #2: Junior)

A Quiz for Halloween

Show Notes:
(3.1MB, 3:24 Minutes

Copy of Quiz available: Boggle's World

Listen to some of the students of my Saturday J4 class answer the questions from this quiz.

Tuesday, August 30

Barcelona Student podcasts

During July, students of the British Council in Barcelona produced two podcasts about culture for the website 'Sushi Radio'.

These were :

Traditional Spanish Music and Barcelona

The first of these podcasts is available to listen to and download now, and the second should be available soon.

Following on from this, Barcelona Young Learners EFL Podcasts will be concentrating on podcasts by students in Barcelona, for students all over, once term starts again in October.